Use new version of Jackson JSON with Jersey

Guice Module:

import com.fasterxml.jackson.jaxrs.json.JacksonJaxbJsonProvider;
import com.sun.jersey.guice.JerseyServletModule;
import com.sun.jersey.guice.spi.container.servlet.GuiceContainer;
public final class JerseyModule extends JerseyServletModule
   protected void configureServlets()

And the Maven pom:


One thought on “Use new version of Jackson JSON with Jersey

  1. You made my day!
    After upgrading jackson from 1.8.5 to new one – 2.0.5 I am having problems with Jersey (1.8). Jersey is ignoring @JsonInclude annotations (for example it returns nulls for fields with Include.NON_NULL). after adding jackson-jaxrs-json-provider dependency, everything is ok.
    There is very small amount of informations about this new version of Jackson – thanks a lot for this short post!

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